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Posted by on Aug 12, 2014 in News

Introducing slice – a Raspberry Pi-powered media player made by Ninjas

slice is a new media player powered by the Raspberry Pi Compute Module and developed by FiveNinjas – both Pimoroni directors, the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Hardware and Software Engineering Directors and music producer, Mo Volans…

“Back in 2007 the first AppleTV was released. A hard disk media player that still has a cult reputation,” says the 5Ninjas website. “Apple decided they could make more money from streaming, so they let it die, and the rest of the market followed suit.”

Slice 01

“We think hard disk media players never got the love they deserved and the fight over bandwidth means that community is growing. The Raspberry Pi means the ecosystem is thriving.”

Based on this, FiveNinjas made slice. A hackable and upgradable media player complete with hard disc storage. As the Ninjas say: “[you can] load it with anything and use it with anything.”

As you’d expect, the slice connects to your TV with HDMI and is designed to store and play back all of your videos, pictures and music in full HD. With a custom remote control and a carefully designed user interface, the FiveNinjas say it will be effortless and fun to use.

Slice 02

One of the most interesting aspects of the hardware, besides the fact it’s based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, is the anodised case, which is machined from solid aluminium. Besides looking very sharp and on-trend, the case features a uniqued programmable LED light ring.

According to the Kick Starter video at the top of the page, you don’t even need an internet connection to use it. A short demonstration shows it connected to a normal home computer via USB, where files are dragged and dropped onto the slice’s hard drive.

While the custom XBMC (or should that be Kodi?!) software looks really smooth and elegant, since it’s a Raspberry Pi there’s nothing stopping you from installing your own customised Linux distro too.

We’ll bring you more details on slice just as soon as we get them, but for now you can learn more via the FiveNinjas website and the slice Kick Starter Page.

The FiveNinjas team:
Some of the best hardware and software people in the business are working on slice…

Mo Volans – Music Producer and Trainer
Jon Williamson & Paul Beech – Directors, Pimoroni
James Adams – Director of Hardware Engineering, Raspberry Pi
Gordon Hollingworth – Director of Software Engineering, Raspberry Pi


    What is the advantage of using this device over something like an android pc, android stick, such as the Minix Neo X8 running XBMC.

    • Tom LeJeune

      Probably just bragging rights. The pi is neat, but this thing won’t be able to compete with roku, android TV, Chromecast, and Apple TV