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Posted by on Aug 11, 2014 in News

Optical Character Recognition for Raspberry Pi with PyID

Optical Character Recognition for Raspberry Pi with PyID

Make your Raspberry Pi even more intelligent with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) from a new machine-learning Kick Starter campaign by Migel Tissera.

PyID, a new Raspberry Pi-specific Kick Starter campaign, is a cutting edge machine-learning algorithm based on a novel neural network architecture written in Python. The neural network for this project has been trained to recognise hand-written digits (0-9), but it can be trained on any compatible dataset with minor modifications to the code. The code has recently been put under the MIT Licence, so you’ll be free to modify PyID pretty much any way you see fit.

“PyID was written with a simple goal in mind – to bring some intelligence in to the most popular mobile computing platform,” explains its maker Migel Tissera. “Over the past year alone I have seen some amazingly cool products coming out of the community with the Pi, but most of them lack intelligence [or] easy to implement source code.”

Tissera says PyID will change all that: “PyID is the first attempt to provide a level of intelligence to your Raspberry Pi. It offers a well-written package of source codes so you can integrate it with your existing codes seamlessly. It works on images, so even a beginner can get it up and running within minutes.”


You can learn more about this Raspberry Pi-dedicated OCR package on the PyID Kick Starter page or using the widget below…