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Posted by on Jun 24, 2014 in Podcast

Raspberry Pi Today Podcast Episode 1: Adventures in Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Today Podcast Episode 1: Adventures in Raspberry Pi

In the very first Raspberry Pi Today Podcast we speak to Carrie Anne Philbin, Education Pioneer at the Raspberry Pi Foundation!

Carrie Anne Philbin is an award winning secondary Computing & ICT Teacher and now Education Pioneer at the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

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Download episode 1 (right click & save)

You may know Carrie Anne for her work at the Raspberry Pi Foundation. You might also know her as the writer of Adventures in Raspberry Pi or even as the keeper of the Geek Gurl Diaries.

Carrie Anne takes time out of her packed schedule to speak to Raspberry Pi Today about her work, her career and her passion for all things Raspberry Pi!

During the interview we talk about many things including Geek Gurl Diaries, the new school curriculum, Picademy and Sonic Pi 2. We also find out she’s working on a follow-up to her hit book Adventures In Raspberry Pi.

The video below shows the impromptu Michael Jackson-inspired project put together by teachers during the second Picademy (a free professional development experience for primary and secondary teachers) held at Raspberry Pi Towers in Cambridge.

We hope you enjoy the podcast. Please leave a comment below, review us on iTunes or generally spread the word!

Podcast Music

The music used in the podcast is by Eric Skiff. The track used is We’re The Resistors from the album Resistor Anthems. You can find more of Eric’s music at 
  • Michael Horne

    Really great job, Russell. Thoroughly enjoyed that. Great questions & very well prepared. Keep it going!

    • Russell Barnes

      Thanks Michael – really appreciate it! It would be great to speak to you and Tim about #camjam at some point. Maybe we could talk about the forthcoming Robot Wars?

      • Michael Horne

        Yeah, that would be great :-) Plans are coming along nicely. :-)

  • Russell Barnes

    Thanks Michael – I really appreciate it.

    I’d love to chat with your and Tim at some point about #camjam! Maybe it would be fun to talk about the Robot Wars specials coming later this year?

  • SeanFitz

    Russell – Thank you for this episode and what a great interview to start it off. I and my 10 year old son are interested in the Pi and are just getting started.Thanks for starting up this resource for the community.

    • Russell Barnes

      Thanks for getting in touch Sean – I really appreciate your comments. I hope you both have a great time playing with the Pi! It would be great to hear about any projects you end up making together!

  • Margot P

    She’s brilliant! Try to minimize the uhm’s, otherwise pretty good. (I have worked in radio and it’s the number one thing people tell newbies… it takes practice to eliminate them, so don’t worry!)

    Nicely done, really.

    • Russell Barnes

      Thank you Margot! Yes, really conscious of the sound quality from the other end of the line. If you have five minutes drop me an email via the contacts page – sounds like you might be able to help!

      • Margot P


      • Flamekebab

        There’s not much you can do about the quality of the other person’s microphone, sadly. Amusingly if she’d been less enthusiastic (and as a result quieter) the sound quality would have been better. I think we all got a better final product thanks to her enthusiasm though!

  • Flamekebab

    Excellent job so far. My only bit of feedback is that you needn’t apologise so much. You can probably hear all the imperfections but most of us are more focused on the content. As long as the audio isn’t too ropey don’t worry about it – you’re already doing a great job.