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Posted by on Jul 10, 2014 in News

Brilliant Raspberry Pi cat deterrent ‘Cat-O-Bolt’ performs admirably

A clever Raspberry Pi-powered cat deterrent captures some great feline payback with the Raspberry Pi camera board. If you’re fed up with your neighbours cat, you’ll love this…

Cats aren’t for everyone, especially – if like Raspberry Pi enthusiast, Thumim – they use your garden like a public toilet.

“For the last few years, pretty much every time I (or my two small kids) wanted to use the garden I’d first have to remove [lots of cat poo]. I did try several alternatives first, but nothing really worked, and eventually my patience ran out. Think Michael Douglas in Falling Down,” he explained in a story first reported at

His mental state didn’t affect his hacking and making skills, though, because using a Raspberry Pi Model B, a camera module, a PiFaceDigital and a 24VAC solenoid water valve among other things, he created the perfect cat deterrent.

“The solenoid is switched via the PiFace relay in response to a PIR signal, controlled via about 40 lines of pretty amateurish Python, the main feature being use of the PiCam Python library which has a circular stream buffer feature for the video, allowing capture of pre-event footage,” said Thumim.

To see more brilliant (and harmless) cat-bothering action courtesy of the ‘Cat-O-Bolt’ project, check out the original story at Filehippo.