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Posted by on Jun 25, 2014 in News

Bare-metal Star Fox port written in assembly

You heard right. A small group called ICTeam28 have put together the bare-bones of a Star Fox port for Raspberry Pi called PiFox and it’s written entirely in ARM assembly. You can find all the details of this impressive bare-metal project on the project Github page. The port itself was developed by the team of four as an extension to a first year group project at Imperial College London. It contains nearly six thousand lines of code and many original sound effects from the Nintendo classic.

The page shows you how to take it for a test drive or try it out in a sandbox environment via PiEmu. The demo is short and simple, but utilises a NES controlled rigged via the Pi’s GPIO pins and – you guessed it – full instructions on how to undertake the hardware hack are on the Github page too.