As we’ve already seen from our first look at Slice, it’s a hackable and upgradable media player complete with hard disc storage. As you’d expect, the Slice connects to your TV via HDMI, but – as Mo explains in the above recording – it’s much more than XBMC and a hard drive thrown in a box. As well as featuring a custom made Raspberry Pi Compute Module IO Board, it features a unique ring of programmable lights, a vastly improved (24-bit) audio DAC (including 5.1 and DTS pass-through), improved power handling so it can support two external USB hard drives, custom drivers and XBMC interface. As Mo also explains, the Slice can play up to 50GB uncompressed BluRay content within a second and skip chapters instantly.

Just as this episode was due to go on air the FiveNinjas sailed through their £90k Kick Starter goal. Although they’re due to announce further stretch goals soon, the team have already promised to give away free Wi-Fi dongles with the Slice if they reach the £100k mark, which is almost inevitable given they’ve got 38 days and more than £92k in the pot.

Besides bringing us up to speed with the Slice, Mo was keen to answer questions and feedback from Raspberry Pi Today readers and listeners. While there’s been no shortage of interest in Slice, it has polarised hardcore digital home junkies, meaning there was plenty of ammunition to keep Mo – and the FiveNinjas – honest in their pursuit of commercial success. Mo has also recently uploaded a new video demonstrating the playback capabilities of the Slice, shot in his own living room. Billed by The Pi Hut as a ‘cute, portable speaker that packs a punch’, the tiny speaker (just 60x60x50mm in size) has a battery life of up to seven hours making it a great choice for portable Raspberry Pi projects or simply as a desktop speaker. It features a microSD card slot meaning users can listen to music with or without a Raspberry Pi or other audio player attached and has been officially endorsed by Sonic Pi creator Dr Sam Aaron for use with his music-making software.