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Posted by on Aug 14, 2014 in News

TurtlTeck robot board hits Kick Starter

TurtlTeck robot board hits Kick Starter

Ryan Walmsley is back on Kick Starter with a new motor driver board, this time Pi-less and aimed at ages 3+.

The TurtlTeck will be used to create a basic robot with little assistance and programmed like a classic Turtle, by pressing directional buttons on the board in series. Instead of being driven by a Raspberry Pi like Ryan’s previous offerings, the TurtlTeck is designed to work alone meaning robots as cheap as £30 can easily be achieved.

Turtlteck 02

The Ryanteck TurtlTeck, which is aiming to raise £1000 by mid-September, has already reached half its goal amount and only a few ‘early bird’ pledge options remain. For as little as £16 you receive a fully assembled TurtlTeck board that can easily be integrated into a standard robot chassis with two motors and wheels.

“The TurtlTeck is designed as an quick and easy way for children over 3 to build their first robot with little assistance,” reads Ryan’s Kick Starter page. “All that is required is to press the buttons on the top of TurtlTeck. By pressing the up or down buttons it makes the robot move either Forwards or Backwards by approximately 30CM. By pressing the Left or Right buttons it will then make the robot turn approximately 45° on the spot.”

“While we have the funds to be able to make a small batch of the TurtlTeck,” says Ryan, “we are fundraising to be able to create a bigger batch; to help recover some of the development costs and buy new equipment to be able to manufacture them.”

Ryan also hopes to offer packs of programming cards that can help users learn programatic and logical thinking. An example card shown on the Kick Starter page demonstrates how a user would create a hexagon shape using a TurtlTeck-powered Raspberry Pi robot.

Turtlteck card

You can help fund the TurtlTeck Kick Starter with as little as £4 / $7 to receive a pack containing stickers and programming cards like the one above.