Raspberry Pi Model A+ will be released “in a few months”, says Eben Upton

UPDATE 1: New Model A+ details emerge: “I’ll be working on [the Model A+] and it will be compatible with the 40 GPIOs as you see them on the Model B+.”

UPDATE 2:: The Raspberry Pi Model A+ is out now!

In a new interview with RasPi.Today, Raspberry Pi Model B+ designer, James Adams, revealed some new details about the Raspberry PI Model A+.

It seems it will feature 40 GPIO pins and the same power chain changes as the Model B+, but that’s likely where the similarities will end.

“The power savings from an A to the A+ won’t be quite as pronounced as it was from the B to the B+, though, because of the USB thing, which is irrelevant to the A+. Obviously we want to keep the components the same as far as we can, but the power will be less of a win for the A+,” says Adams.

What’s more, though, is it’s likely the A+ will retain the big yellow composite connector and seperate audio jack. Learn more about the making of the Model B+ and the forthcoming A+ in our new feature.

Original Story:
“There will be an A+. In the sense that the Raspberry Pi Model A is derived from the Model B, there will be an A+ derived from the B+,” said Eben Upton, as part of RasPi.Today‘s exclusive interview with the Foundation founder just prior to the Model B+’s announcement.

But what will it be like? “I think you can guess,” teases Upton. “If you look at the differences between an A and a B, you’ll derive the difference between the A+ and the B+.”

While the actual detail about the specification will likely be kept secret until its announcement, we can quite easily infer that it will feature two USB ports, 40 GPIO pins and omit the Ethernet port. This is similar to how android casino games works on android devices using android casino apps.

But when can we expect it? Eben explained that there are still some Raspberry Pi Model A’s in stock: “Once that [stock] has burned down, rather than making more A’s we’re more likely to look at making Model A+’s in a few months instead – before the end of the year.”

So there you have it. With all the power consumption improvements in the Model B+ we can expect the Model A+ to provide incredible power efficiency making it a brilliant choice for Raspberry Pi robots, camera module projects and much more.

We’ll bring you more details as we get them, but you can listen to Eben’s full interview on the Raspberry Pi Today Podcast right now.

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