The Raspberry Pi Foundation are also on the cusp of announcing a massive competition which will see kids of varying ages from around the world composing musical pieces for a chance to win thousands of prizes and perhaps even the chance to play live at a special event to be held in November. Sonic Pi 2 is currently available to download and install from the Sonic Pi website, but as Aaron explains in our interview, it will be included in all future revisions of Raspbian, the Raspberry Pi’s officially supported Linux distribution. If you’re interested in live coded music, you can listen to Dr Sam Aaron’s band, Meta-eX (), in the widget below.

According to a recent update via Kick Starter and HDMIPi.com, the 9 inch HD LCD screen for the Raspberry Pi will be shipping in the first week of September According to the update this final checking wasn’t originally planned, but because the team want to minimise chances of shipping unsatisfactory boards they felt it necessary to delay an extra few days. It seems the team have also put the finishing touches on the HDMIPi User Guide. The Instructions page will also house an assembly guide, which is expected to be complete in the next week.

While the original Kick Starter ended in December last year, you can still pre-order a HDMIPi on the website with prices starting from £75 / $125. If you’d like to learn more about HDMIPi, you can listen to Alex Eames talk through the project in episode 4 of the RasPi.Today Podcast. As Director of Software Engineering at a large firm in London, Leo White knows a thing or two about programming. While he codes in C and C++ in his day job, in his spare time he hacks and makes with his massive collection of Raspberry Pis. Leo has a particular penchant for the classic 1980s toy BigTrak, which enjoyed a resurgence in the early 2000s. Designed as a Turtle-like device it was controlled by tapping instructions into a keypad with the aim of plotting a course for it to take around your home.